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I have 100% Greenfire stock! Originating in France, it is the tallest native chicken in Europe! Roos can be 24″ to 26″ tall. I am a chicken person and farm girl from childhood and even I was AMAZED at how tall these guy sare! They are also highly prized as one of the best tasting chickens in the world! Good layer putting lots of large tan to white eggs on the table. They have a very regal attitude but can be a bit flighty, so a nice bird if you want them to watch for predators but are definitely to big to hide! Not broody. 2 Week old Chicks 10.00

1 review for Barbezieux Hatching Eggs

  1. Daniel Klein

    I got some eggs last year from Cindy and have a beautiful rooster and two hens. Rooster stands about 23″ without his comb and the girls are about 18″ ish. Hens have been good layers even through this winter. Roo I will say is a little timid but we’ll see if he mans up this season with the longer days.

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