2023 Hatching Eggs Prices/Order

If you order multiple breeds/quantities I will refund the shipping overcharge, still working on the coding! Standard Flat Rate Priority Mail Shipping is included in pricing. You will get a tracking number and approximate date I will ship when I process your payment. I will email the day before I ship. The girls are still warming up so there is some delays.

Multiple species can delay shipment as I juggle the breeds and laying to get you a combined order of fresh eggs. I ship fresh fertile eggs however there is no guarantee once they leave the farm. I ONLY gurantee unbroken eggs.

I always include extra eggs just in case and as a thank you! NO guarantee of any kind if they show left out in the tracking delivery (left on porch, left at door, ect.) as eggs cannot be left in the weather, heat, cold, ect! “Call for Pick Up” is gladly put on the package is requested. Buyer pays exact shipping for any free replacements if the worst happens!

If you do not want to assume the risk of hatching eggs, contact me for started chicks, delivered live arrival guaranteed! You may get a 100% hatch you may get no hatch as shipping can be hard on eggs. I, as a rule, I order twice as many eggs as I want chicks to be safe. Happy Hatching!


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