Potluck Purebred Hatching Eggs


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I always have eggs left over on my shipping days! This will be a minimum of 5 breeds of all the breeds we raise and always include Ayam Cemani. ALL my birds are penned seperate, so you will only get Purebred Chicks! I will guarantee at least 3 breeds that will include and are marked: FBC Marans (unmarked dark egg), Colored Marans (unmarked dark egg), Blue Marans M, Crested Cream Legbar unmarked blue or greenish blue egg, Cuckoo Bluebars B, Icelandics IC, Ayam Cemani, 3 pens(IM, straight slash, AC), Serama S, or Barbezeiux Bz, Isbars IS, Indio Gigante, Denzili Longcrowers, Golden Spitzhauben GS, and many more!. I “MIGHT” entertain a wish list but it is mainly what is available!


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