Indonesian Ayam Cemani Hatching Eggs


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Much controversy on this breed. Originating from Indonesia, they should be black, everywhere! Feather, meat, bone, skin! They are fibromelanistic. My birds are totally black, I do have some mulberry combs on the Greenfire line, and some light mouths, black skin and meat! I have imported birds in a separate line that have nicer pigment, but still throw a very few birchen/red hackled birds from their birchen origins. Maintaining a dark mouth and clean ink black combs is nearly impossible though I have many breeders that are! I do not guarantee your degree of pigment, no breeder can! I will guarantee solid black skin and meat though! Prolific layer of medium tan to white eggs! Can go broody! Absolutey GORGEOUS metalic black feather, irridescent greens, purples and blues in the sun! No other black chicken in the world can compare to the beauty in this BLACK! 2 week old Chicks 15 to 40.00!


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